Case Studies

Attachmate Group

Following the purchase of Novell Inc by the Attachmate Group, Attachmate approached Ovation to help them motivate and engage their 3,500 employees across 32 countries. The objective was to create a single rewards platform that incentivised employees across the entire group to demonstrate company beliefs and exceed core values.

" We are very pleased with the positive response our rewards program has received from our employees. It has impacted morale and given employees a channel to recognise and celebrate the success of their colleagues. Ovation was a pleasure to work with on this initiative from their leading-edge software to their team of experts – Director of Compensation & Benefits"


The Celebrate! Programme was launched utilising Ovation Incentives’ Employee Engagement Platform. This multi-language system empowers leaders to issue instant monetary awards to employee who demonstrate the Attachmate company values and beliefs. The system also allow every employee across the world to recognise their colleagues with a non-monetary recognition. The system ensures line managers are notified and are able to report on their teams activities

In addition to the recognition programme the Ovation team created and implemented a Long Service Award programme for all the global offices. All employees that achieve a milestone are empowered to choose their own reward in their local currency.


This instant rewards solution has helped Attachmate to create a blended culture following the acquisition and Celebrate! is one of the key markers of this new culture. It helps employees truly embrace company values, by simply and effectively rewarding desired behaviours regardless of that employee’s country, location or native language.

The programme has been a runaway success, within the first hour of launching 353 employees had logged onto the Celebrate rewards portal and within 24 hours over 1,018 employees.

The programme has enabled the Attachmate Group to centrally control recognition expense whilst also creating a culture of recognition and improving areas such as:

  • Employee engagement and loyalty
  • Attracting new employees
  • Retention of valued employees
  • Staff morale
  • Company integration (4 brands into 1)