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Return on Investment & Employee Engagement

A key concern of any investment made into a employee recognition platform is the return it will provide to the overall business.  In general, companies spend around 1% of payroll in providing rewards and recognition and this must be justified.

Research consistently shows that highly engaged employees are more productive, and that in turn has a positive influence on the company’s bottom line. The results achievable through Encore means that ROI significantly outweighs the cost of implementation.

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Convert statistical and quantitative data into powerful insights by tracking and monitoring real-time progress. This enables organisations to continually refine employee engagement strategies by basing decisions on hard data rather than gut feelings. Client organisations are able to keep real-time tabs on progress with automated alerts to notify HR of underperforming areas of the business which may need assistance in delivering on the company’s goals. Real-Time reporting promises reduced costs and increased profits across a disparate or global workforce.